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Tennis Accessories

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24 Piece Tub - Long
Various colours of Long Vibration Dampeners
30 Piece Mixed Tub or Individual - Angry Birds
Individual or 30 piece tub Vibration Dampeners
30 piece tub or Individual - Flags
Vibration Dampeners representing the countries of the Grand...
30 Piece Tub or Individual - Minions
Love those Minions ... they will help reduce the vibration...
33 Piece Mixed Tub - Round and Long
Mix of long and round vibration dampeners.
42 Piece Tub - Round
Various colours of Round Vibration Dampeners
Grip Build Up Sleeve (1m)
Add an extra size to your grip
Indicidual Vibration Dampener - Long
Reduce vibration in your racquet. Available in various colours.
Indicidual Vibration Dampener - Round
Reduce vibration in your racquet. Available in a variety...
Lead Balancer Tape (182cm strip)
Adds power to racquet
Mainstays (String Savers)
Prolongs string life
Stencil Ink
For printing on your racquet strings

    Multifunctional Headwear
    Absorb moisture. Guard against wind, light rain, snow and sun. A great alternative to a wig for those who suffer from hair loss.
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