About Us

In 1976 our father John and our mum Robyn decided to go out on their own and start their own business.
The decision to delve into the tennis industry wasn’t hard to do as their passion was tennis and they both played the game they loved.
Jadee Sports
What started out as toy and sports store in an old part of Parramatta NSW, soon became a retail pro shop business on a tennis court complex. Nearly twenty years later they turned Jadee Sports into a wholesale business, servicing retail, pro shop’s and coaches. Jadee Sports has now also expanded into other industries including Government, Schools and Construction.
As our parents shared this passion of tennis, it was not hard to understand that my brother Brendan and myself also grew to share this passion of tennis.
So many great friends were made along the way. I actually met my husband through tennis and it wasn’t surprising that we have so many mutual friends through this great sport.
I went out and worked for a few companies in my twenties and thirties which opened my eyes up to the Corporate world, but ultimately the love of tennis brought me back into the family business which Brendan has always been a part of.
Mum and Dad are now retired but Brendan and myself are continuing the business. I am loving the opportunity of keeping Jadee Sports going and meeting some of those people that I played tennis against many moons ago.
We may not be big but wow over 40 years on, and Jadee Sports is still here...that must say something!!
So if there is anything in the name of tennis that we can supply you with, please contact us and we will do our best to source it for you.
We thank you for your loyalty and support and if anyone new is reading this, we would love to have you aboard and share our journey with you.
Enjoy your tennis!
Samantha (Sam)