Banners and Shade Cloth

Jadee Sports works with an Australian based sign producing company. We also have our own industrial net repairer on hand for customised work.

Temporary and permanent fence wrap ideal for Tennis Court Banners

    Standard back of Tennis Court size is 1.6m or 1.8m x 12m (240gsm PVC) banners but we can provide screens up to 50m in length.

      Digitally printed CMYK, as many colours as you like, or black and white if preferred.

      Print is on one side only. Banner will be white on other side.

        Standard finishing on banner mesh is a 50mm reinforced weld with stainless steel eyelets every 500mm on top edge and 1000mm on bottom edge.

        Temporary and permanent fence wrap. Ideal for Privacy Screens and Tennis Court Screens.

        Standard size for back of Tennis Court is 1.8m x 12m (150gsm-306gsm) screens. We can provide screens up to 50m in length and 3.6m high.

        Available in 30%, 50%, 70%, 80% and 90% Standard or Commercial Shade cloth.

          Blue, Green, Black (depending on type)

            *** Please note that all our edges are eyeleted, not just top and bottom***

            SCREEN Information and Instructions

            What to Consider before Purchasing

            The type of fence that the screen will be hung on, does it need reinforcing?, especially if they are old.

            There will be additional stress on the fences due to the weight of the screen and the weight of the screen when

            it’s windy. It is a MUST to check the strength of the fence, as possible fence damage could occur during periods

            of high wind if the fence is not suitable.

            Our screens are Not Windstoppers!

            Our screens are designed to guard against the wind, not to stop the wind. So in the event of extreme wind conditions, there is a possibility that the screens can be damaged. Wind slits are available for Banner Mesh only.

            Installation and Prevention

            • Screens need to be installed as close as possible to the surface of the court. We recommend installing approximately 30cm - 50cm above the surface of the tennis court.
            • Do not install in high winds.
            • Cable ties and Screens are not to be pulled so taut that there is absolutely no movement when winds are occurring.
            • Cable ties are to be replaced regularly. If the cable ties break, replace immediately to prevent any damage occurring to the screen while flapping in the wind.
            • Always have spare cable ties available. We do recommend UV cable ties.
            • It is recommended to use up to the 50lb. tensile strength cable ties for most windscreen installations.

            High winds can cause damage to windscreens and fences, these cable ties can break in high winds which will release the windscreen from the fence thus preventing structural damage to the fence.

            • If you are aware of extreme high winds forecast, the best preventative measure is to remove the screens from the fences.
            • You can also opt for wind slits (on banner mesh only) to be put into your screens at the production stage. These do not guarantee to stop tearing in extreme winds but may help prevent it from happening.
            • Jadee Sports are able to install or assist you with installation for an additional cost. This will depend on your location.


            Unfortunately we cannot control Mother Nature, so we cannot guarantee that screens will not tear in extreme instances and that fencing could be damaged if you have not properly prepared them.

            Please ensure your fences are suitable before purchasing.

            If there is a manufacturers fault then we can assist in repairing or replacing the purchased items. This will be determined on inspection of the screens by the manufacturers.

            Proceeding with an Order

            1. Quote will be issued to client.
            2. Artwork to be forwarded to Jadee Sports for setup and ready for printing. Artwork Format - vector art – eps (Illustrator preferable). Otherwise a high resolution pdf file – although this at times may not work.
            3. Jadee will forward a sample of the artwork before sending to manufacturer.
            4. Manufacturer will return a proof of Artwork to Jadee (please note that if artwork has to be redrawn by manufacturer there will be an additional cost – client will be notified before proceeding)
            5. Artwork to be approved and signed off on by client.
            6. 50% non-refundable payment to be made before production begins.
            7. Balance of payment to be made before delivery.

            For all enquiries please contact either:

            Samantha – 0412 673 995
            Brendan – 0417 211 034 |

            or use the Contact Form below.