Super Sopper Replacement Sponge
Super Sopper Replacement Sponge
Super Sopper

Super Sopper Replacement Sponge

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Super Sopper Replacement Sponge

*Please note that these are a special order, so may take up to two weeks to make up*

Fits the Sandpiper and Minnow Super Soppers (as pictured).

The Sandpiper Super Sopper sponge is 1920 mm long x 530 mm wide x 35mm thick, which can be cut down for the Minnow.

Sometimes after you roll these sponges up in winter, they shrink.
Best to lay them in the hot sun to regain their size.

Waterproof Laminate Glue
(You can get the glue from a hardware store. The type of glue is for kitchen bench-tops)
Wire Brush
Paint Brush
Step 1    Remove the old foam with a wire brush so that the surface is clean.
Step 2    Place glue on the barrel at the start of the foam across the drum.
Step 3    Then a constant line of glue down the sides of the drum at the width of the foam.
Step 4    Randomly place blobs of glue in the middle of the drum
NOTE:    Do not to cover all the holes as the laminate glue is waterproof and will not allow water to go into the catchment tray.
Step 5    Place the edge of the foam onto the line of glue that crosses the drum.
Step 6    Slowly roll the super sopper and work the foam into place.
              Repeat steps 3 -5 until foam has covered the drum.
Step 7    Cut the foam to length if required.
Step 8    Finish with a line of glue across the drum at the end of the placement of foam.


Your Super Sopper replacement sponge should now fit perfectly on the drum.

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Geoff Wirth
Delivered on time.

About to apply with respect advice given to adhere foam to super sopper.